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As a pet parent, your first priority is keeping your animal companion healthy. And when it comes to their care, you want a veterinarian who listens to you, takes time to understand your pet’s needs (and yours), and offers a friendly, judgment-free environment where you can receive honest and knowledgeable guidance from experienced professionals who share your concerns. Since 1979, Boughton Square Animal Clinic has served Bolingbrook, IL and surrounding communities as both a veterinary care provider and a devoted partner in treating your animal family members for life.

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Meet Our Veterinary Team

Our veterinarians and staff members strive to build lasting relationships with people and their pets in order to give them the best care at every visit. We enjoy seeing our patients and clients year after year, sharing in all the highs and lows and earning their trust. If you’re new to our animal hospital in Bolingbrook, IL, please take a moment to get acquainted with our team!

Meeting All Your Pet’s Needs in One Place

Dogs and cats all need a lifetime of care that takes their whole health into account. From their first months to their golden years, we’ll be able to offer guidance and give you the one-on-one attention you deserve to ensure that your pet lives their best and longest life.

We also offer wellness packages!

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More Space for More (Amazing) Veterinary Services

Our animal hospital includes a 5,000-square foot boarding, grooming, daycare, and training facility. That means you don't have to travel across town and take your pet to an unfamiliar place if you need to board them, train them, or just drop them off for a day of playtime.

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Pet Boarding

Dogs and cats will get to enjoy the comforts of home in our pet boarding facility, which offers lots of space, affectionate interactions with our team members, and veterinary supervision if or when needed during the day.

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Dog Daycare

Drop your pet off on your way to work for a fun day of play! Our daycare facility includes both indoor and outdoor play areas, and we have play packages to customize your pet’s experience.

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Pet Grooming

We’re excited to provide professional grooming for dogs and cats to help them maintain good hygiene and stay healthy both inside and out. We offer baths, brush outs, nail trims, and more.

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Dog Training

Dog training is a great way to build up your pet's confidence and develop a stronger bond with them. A well-trained pet is a happy pet, and they'll love learning new tricks.

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Book A Training Class

Check out our Dog Training calendar and sign up your pup today!

You don’t have to manage your pet’s care alone. You’ll find a supportive, steadfast partner in our veterinary team here in Bolingbrook, IL.

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