Spay and Neuter in Bolingbrook, IL

spay and neuter in bolingbrook, il

Spaying and neutering is an important step in your pet’s life and we recommend that every dog and cat be spayed or neutered at the proper time. We routinely perform spay and neuter surgeries in a fully-equipped, ultra-modern surgical suite with patient safety always being our foremost concern. Spaying and neutering benefits the animal community in Bolingbrook in several ways: it helps to reduce the number of strays living on the streets, decreases the number of animals in shelters which prevents crowding, prevents many animals from being euthanized, and helps more dogs and cats find loving families.

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Dogs and Cats are Healthier when They’re Spayed and Neutered

Spaying and neutering pets is critical for preventing unwanted litters, but there are other benefits as well, for both male and female dogs and cats:

Spayed Females

  • Will no longer go into heat
  • Have a much lower risk of developing mammary gland tumors (cancer)
  • Will no longer be at risk for ovarian and uterine cancers, or a serious infection known as “pyometra”
  • Will have less desire to roam in search of a mate, which could put them at risk of getting hit by a car or attacked by another animal

Neutered Males

  • Will display less aggressiveness in general, but especially around females in heat
  • Are no longer at risk for testicular cancer
  • Are less likely to develop prostate enlargement
  • Will have less desire to go roaming in search of a mate, which could put them in harm’s way
  • Will be less likely to engage in inappropriate behaviors, like mounting, vocalizing, and spraying urine

When Should My Pet be Spayed or Neutered?

While every pet is different, most cats and small and medium-sized dog breeds should, ideally, have their spay or neuter surgery at around 6 months of age. Large and extra-large dog breeds typically have to wait longer, however, as they need more time to finish growing. Spaying or neutering larger dogs too early might affect their bones and joints.

We would be happy to answer any questions you have about our spay and neuter procedures and what you can expect afterward. Just call us at (630) 759-0093 today!