If you love cats but you or a member of your family are allergic to them, you might worry that you have no hope in ever finding a cat that could work for you. However, this isn’t true, and there are actually plenty of cat breeds that are either completely hypoallergenic or are much less likely to cause allergies.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most popular hypoallergenic cat breeds around. You can use this information to make the best decision about your future cat, especially when allergies are concerned. If you have any questions, call Boughton Square Animal Clinic in Bolingbrook at (630) 759-0093.

hypoallergenic cats in bolingbrook, il

Long Haired Breeds


This cat breed has very long, fluffy fur, which may make it look as though the cat is not a good choice for allergy sufferers. Despite this, however, the breed does not have as much of the enzyme that causes allergies in its saliva as many other cat breeds do. The Siberian is a great choice if you want a longhaired cat but worry about your own allergies or those of your family.


This breed looks like a Siamese cat with long hair. Despite its long fur, the breed is much lower in pet dander than other long haired cat breeds, which makes it a great choice for anyone in need of a hypoallergenic cat with extra fur.

Short Haired Breeds


This breed has a short coat that is thinner than other shorthaired cats. The coat of this cat does not have an undercoat, which means there is less risk of shedding and dander both. These are very intelligent cats who take well to training.

Oriental Shorthair

This breed is a unique type of cat that looks a bit like a Siamese but has a much different coat. They have very short hair which is not prone to developing pet dander and which is ideal for allergic cat owners.

Cornish Rex

These cats have very short hair that is curly and looks almost like a teddy bear’s fur. They require a lot of maintenance because of their unique coats, but they provide plenty of companionship for their owners in return.

Devon Rex

These cats have very short hair and look almost hairless because of it. Even so, they are not true hairless cats and therefore don’t need the same type of maintenance and upkeep required for a hairless breed.

Russian Blue

This is yet another cat breed that doesn’t produce as much of the enzyme that causes cat allergies. These cats are a blue-gray color and have bright eyes that stand out boldly against their unique coats. They are excellent additions to households with young children, as they are extremely friendly cats.


This breed has a stunning coat covered in spots. They do produce more of the allergen enzyme than some other cat breeds on this list, but they do not shed very much. Therefore, if you’re allergic to the shed hair of a cat, you might want to consider a Bengal.

Hairless Breeds


This is the most well-known breed of hairless cats. If you’ve ever seen a hairless cat, chances are it was a sphynx. This breed is very friendly and inquisitive, which makes it a great addition to families who like to interact a lot with their pets. The sphynx cat does need a lot of maintenance for its bare skin, however.


This hairless cat breed is very rare, but if you have the chance to adopt one, you might want to consider it. These cats are usually completely hairless, but some may have small patches of hair on their bodies or heads, depending on the individual cat.


Less well-known than the sphynx cat, the Peterbald cat nevertheless features many of the same positive qualities of its ancestor. This mixed cat breed was created by combining a sphynx cat and an Oriental Shorthair, and the result is a unique hairless cat with an elegant profile.


This mixed cat breed is very hard to find and may have some health issues related to its genes. Because of this, you should always get this breed (and any cat breed, really) from a reputable breeder if you plan to go the non-rescue route.


It can be difficult to tell whether or not a specific breed of cat will cause you to have an allergic reaction, especially if you’ve never been around that breed for very long. It’s a good idea to seek out ways to interact with breeds you’re considering before you make a choice. This way, you won’t bring home a cat you’ll have to eventually rehome because of your allergies.

Remember, too, that sphynx cats are the best choice if you’re looking for a cat that is completely hypoallergenic with no risk of aggravating the allergies of your household. If you have any questions, call us today at (630) 759-0093.

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