Benefits of Doggie Daycare in Bolingbrook, IL

Are you thinking about taking your dog to doggie daycare? If so, you might want to know more about the benefits of doing this. After all, doggie daycare be an added cost when it comes to taking care of your dog, so it’s important to determine whether or not the benefits outweigh the price for you and your pet. In this article, we’ll show you six of the most important benefits of taking your dog to doggie daycare. Read through this list and see for yourself how much of a difference this experience can make for your furry friend! Call Boughton Square Animal Clinic in Bolingbrook at (630) 759-0093 to sign up for doggie daycare today.

doggie daycare in bolingbrook, il

Interaction with Other Dogs

One of the most important benefits of doggie daycare is the interaction with other dogs. It is important for dogs to learn how to interact with other dogs and become socialized with fellow dogs as well. As soon as your dog is old enough to have had all of their required vaccinations, it is safe for them to be around others. Learning how to play with other dogs is an important part of your dog’s growth. It also helps them reduce the risk of getting into fights with other dogs when they encounter them.

Interaction with Other People

Some dogs may be intimidated by or afraid of other people outside those that make up their family. Your dog may not like being around unfamiliar people, but this could simply be because they aren’t used to the idea yet. By taking them to doggie daycare, you can give them a chance to interact with other humans besides just your household. This gives your dog an excellent opportunity to learn how to play and interact politely with other people. In turn, your dog can start working on their behavior around others and reduce the risk of scaring or startling other people with their energy, too.

Exercise and Stimulation

Your dog will be given plenty of exercise while staying at a doggie daycare. They will play with other dogs and with people, and they will get a chance to have plenty of active hours in the day, even when you’re working and can’t play with them constantly. Additionally, they will be stimulated with toys and other dogs they can interact with. This will make it easier for them to settle down when they get home later in the day, and it will also help with any training or behavioral issues you may be working on at home, too.

Monitoring Throughout the Day

Some dogs may be the type who get into trouble when they’re left at home alone for too long. They may be too young to be alone for that much time, or they may simply be too curious. Your dog might also have trouble holding their bladder or bowels for that long, depending on their age, too. If any of this sounds like your pet, then doggie daycare may be a good solution. When you take your dog to doggie daycare, they will be monitored throughout the day and will be allowed to go potty or play with toys whenever they feel like it.

Boarding Option

Some doggie daycare facilities also offer boarding overnight or for extended stays. Although this isn’t true of all doggie daycares, you may easily be able to find one that offers these services. If so, you will have a quick and easy option for boarding your pet if you ever need to do so. This can be a useful resource if you often take trips out of town and don’t bring your dog along.

Separation Anxiety Help

When you take your dog to doggie daycare regularly, they will get used to the idea of being left somewhere unfamiliar without you. This may be scary to them at first, but over time, it will help them feel less anxious when the time comes. They may even look forward to going to daycare and seeing his fellow doggie pals! If your dog gets used to doggie daycare, they will be less likely to suffer from separation anxiety when they aren’t at home with the family. This can help them feel more comfortable and less stressed, too.

Making the Best Decision for Your Pet

With the help of this information, you should be more well-prepared to choose whether or not doggie daycare is right for your pet. Although not every dog is cut out for doggie daycare, it can be a great solution for many dogs and their owners as well. If you’re thinking of checking out doggie daycare for your pet, don’t be afraid to reach out to Boughton Square Animal Hospital at (630) 759-0093.

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